Joey J. from FLA!

Cottle sent these pics over...

Micheal Cottle of OBMX loves to party. From the looks of it, so Does Joey J. from FLA. I like those guys…. Here are a few pics of Joey dialing at the trails down there…
Eric Ballard from Baton Rouge got the Johnny Corts bike from his Mikey Aitken Auction… he sent us an email, and he also seems stoked-

You guys keep me stoked on bikes without a doubt! I sent you that Gummo picture awhile back. Name’s Eric. Live in Baton Rouge. I won the Aitken benefit bike on eBay and just wanted to say I had a blast diggin’ all the random shit out of that box! I sent a couple pics. The Mike Tyson mask will get a lot of use I’m sure. Big Dave warned me about it a few days ago when he was in town w/Savage South. Thanks for keeping BMX real. Later. “

Dudes are stoked!

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Joey J. From Fla.


Some cool pics from Joey J. from FLA. he’s been busy in Fla. chillin at OBMX, and other weird Orlando spots…..If you are in Tokyo this weekend, come hang out at Cycle mode, a consumer/shop bike show. I’ll be there with teh good folks at Motocross international, hanging out, with some serious jetlag. I puked on the plane waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom, from some serious motion sickness, and scared the shit out of the flight attendant. Hilarious and gross. More news in a few…

Rie and Satoshi, at cycle mode in X int. outside the hotel, prior to the rising sun.A

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Joey J. from FLA!

dudes… pics courtesy of Cottle. Florida is on fire this year. literally.

Dude wheres my boat. Flatland!

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Joey J. From FLA!

Joey and friends. Nice!

John Paul got a email from Joey Yesterday, with these photos and more. Much of the morning was spent talking about nuts these guys are, and the scene at castlebury trails. Joey Juarsiti is a floridian renegade fun bandit.I hope everyone is having as much fun as these guys.

Fires at the trails are kick butt. Night rider... Is this guy squirting ketchup in that girls face? Lets Party! Mud wrestling G-string party? Paul....

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