Australian Ginch invasion!

Killa Kie from Down Under!

Here are a couple pics of some of the FBM crew, Kie Ashworth and Peter Koh from Australia, and the Guys in St. louis. garrettG emailed some pics of him, his little brother, and Sam of Tree. After wrecking his car on the savag south tour, and getting the car fixed by Louis Simmons, via bungee cords, and tie downs, G-rat had this to Say-” just got a new car! It’s a 1992 Buick Century Wagon! It’s the only car that can come close to topping the Olds. I’m cruising like a champ once more!!”

peter Koh is all smiles! Ginch Bros! Sam Schulte of Tree Bicycles. the Beecher kids

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