Choke Your Chicken

King Kong! I love this guy. He builds our frames in Taiwan. That makes two wacky big dudes on opposite sides of the Universe making FBM's for the kids. There's a somehwat sensible reason King Kong is raising chickens at his factory. I'll let you wonder.

Taiwan is wild. The platform for the 2010 bikes is in place and some nice tweaks are going to be made. I’ve also worked on several bikes that are going to have people scratching their heads in disbelief and confusion. Hey man, I’ve got to at least keep myself entertained. If you ever get over here, be prepared to make more decisions in a week than you normally would in six months.

I think it’s Thursday morning here, I travel for 24 hours, and then land back in Bigglestown on Thursday afternoon. My brain is damaged, and I have this odd feeling that I’ve missed something monumental. I guess I’ll find out when I get back tomorrow on today.

King Kong's domain. He lives above the front office with his mom and dad. These twisty lowrider frames are probably some of the more normal frames he's made in the past 25 years. Just about every factory has it's own temple. The place was shutdown so I didn't get to see much action this visit. A lone Marauder at the end of the line before going into a box. Big Apes and Belmar bars are making their way around the World right now, these are heading to La Finca in Germany. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. My back and knees would love to sample the spacious luxuries of the First Class uppper deck. Sigh.

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