Wildman Wednesday?

Wildman and the machoman!

It’s monday, and its getting late in the season, the days are getting shorter, and everything is moving so fast, it became Wildman wednesday halfway through this sentence! Eric hennessey is considering applying for the Wildman Apprenticeship, complete with random nudity and BMX shredgnar! Sans mohowk I am Guessing though!

GET RAD! Lifes a beach? There is hope! Build your own fun! Build your own Fire! Have Fun Every day!

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Wildman wednesday!

When I was in High School, I used to study GO magazine, and whatever else I could get my hands on, the riders in the pages of those magazines in the late 80s and early 90s were like radical viking warriors in my head. Todd Lyons Always stood out with Rad style to me as well, I was at my folks house the other day, and found a pencil drawing I did in like 1990, I think its of Todd Lyons, from an old magazine, that I basically just stared at and copied, with a pencil and paper. I don’t know if the drawing is just terrible, or if it was a fisheye photo, or if its really even Todd Lyons, but In my head it is is, pretty funny. Thanks “The Wildman” for being awesome for so many years!

I did this pencil drawing in high school...

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Wildman Wednesday!

Patrick Nugent and Todd Lyons!

Although the nudity, and crazy mask aspect of this week’s wildman wednesday are mellow, the wildness is still prevalent in these photos, including a sweet JNCO trading card, and a bad ass cruiser tuck nohander! Thanks to Pat “the cat’ Nugent for emailing over this weeks submissions!

Big Bike get rad the weird part of this photo isnt even the wildman in a nudesuit.

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Wildman wednesday?

One of the best things about BMX is the stack of interesting people you’ll meet within its glorious inner workings! The Wildman is LEGEND!

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Wildman wednesday

Cash Money?

Better Late than Never? The legacy of the Wildman will not be soon forgotten!

who's wild? Mike Sales? 3 outta 4 POW's in this photo have nappy dreads Whats the girls in the background doing? where is this?

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Wildman Wednesday!!!!

Better late than never I say. This is my final installment of Wildman Wednesday. I know, sad, indeed. I’m currently in negotiations to guest blog Wildman Wednesdays from a remote location. Keep your fingers crossed!

Todd Lyons is lovin' this

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