On a wire…

Why Not!?

The Good, the bad and the Ugly… 10 good photos of ugly people being badass? I posted some randumb photos, for two reasons, the pictures look cool, and the people in them have shared some good times with me and or the rest of the FBM crew….Good times and Good friends!
This past weekend, I was digging at the old man jumps, dialing in some dirtpiles after 4 inches of torrential rain. While I was digging, with my buddy, Charly, His Vespa was stolen, that was locked to a fence. Boltcutters, and criminal behavior helped Charly become less dependent on material items. While discovering that, I noticed the Slam Van ( FBM’s budget tour vehicle), had open doors on the opposing side of the van, across the street. It was locked, but a set of keys were in it. Someone actually tried stealing the Slam van, luckily, it takes a hammer tap on the starter, and some starting fluid to get her going. Unfortunately, My favorite bike, and one of my favorite cameras were liberated from my possession, as well as a leatherman, the van keys, some loose change, and what was a pretty god day.Life goes on. Bike theft is a total bummer though!
In unrelated storytime adventures, Look for a possible Ginch Bros sighting at the Heathens jam this weekend, maybe even Hennessey! Its fall in the world of trails which is kind f the pinnacle of each year for trail riders, the end of the season, dialed in jumps, mild weather, and foliage! Get Radical!

Adam Ginch Kenny Horton! Stew johnson! Tom Blyth! Christian, great pic by bob Q! Christian, great pic by bob Q! part2 Joel Barnett! Lenny Norton! Henny adventures!

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