Totally Tuesday!

Joel Barnett at East Shore, By Korey Kryder!

Korey Kryder shoots cool looking photos, and Joel Barnett is a great bike rider! Combine the two and you get the totally tuesday update featuring Joel Barnett shredding the quarter at East Shore skatepark in Ithaca Ny, home of the Shortstop sandwich, Cayuga lake, Cliff Jump Party time, and the Chanticleer, where I once saw Leland beat up a toll troll on new years eve!
Get Stoked, Wednesday is just moments a way, and wednesdays are usually pretty wild!

Ryan Souva! Ithaca is gorges- Korey Kryder!

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Totally Tuesday

Kitt West, blasting a modified Bitchin Camaro

Here are a few randumb photos and videos, for tuesday’s bloggability. I might have even just made that word up.
We got a shipment of new FBM shirts in stock, all of which come with a limited edition hi five from Kelly Baker himself! Lots of news stuff, and FBM goodness in stock, so call John Lee or Chris Stevenson at Last Call Distribution for dealer info.
In other news, Stuff is awesome, lets do stuff…..

Ryan Corrigan at woodward Will Smith of Dig Mag

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