BMX woohoo…

Shanton Wilson was pretty excited on his trip to the baco comp, he called and told me all kinds of wild stories, he even rode off the damn Pimpske van. Phil Wasson is a busy man in Kansas City, working on his Super Rat Machine Shop as well as getting black eyes, and doing Toothpicks. I blatently stole this pic of Tony Hamlin, at the backyard jam, off of bmxonline .It was shot by the amazingly talented Jeff Zielinski, aka AGENT Zielinski of Grizzle fame. In other news, I like Coffee….

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Bmx woohoo…

I turned 31 today, and Gilly,Toast, and Kerry Sayre run the same numbers tomorrow( I think Toast turns 39).Happy B-day boys. Thats a lot of years of BMX riding.Big Dave bought me a kick ass burrito, and Corts showed up with 12 PBR pounders as a present, thanks guys. Holla. Kevin Porter and Teeny Cardona dont know shit about getting old yet. Bugsy and Fisher, part of the Upstate NY youth gone wild crew, have been riding, and firing out the Party up Here, and are dressed alot nicer than the Transexual that Dave King and Fuzzy met in New Orleans last year. Dave King cited for reckless driving in a golf cart? He Ain’t Shit. Its been Raining in Ny for like a week, which is awesome if you are into that, but I want some good weather, email us some. Miek Tag is in town for a few, as his first run of Autopilots are being built right now. He is also getting ready to have to basically redo the entire Shitluck Team video, as his computer blew itself to bits, losing most of the clips he had logged and edited. Par for the course I suppose. Computers are a Fad anyhow. Tony Hamlin, and Derrick Girard are headed out to England for the Backyard jam next week, so look for them raising some hell, and getting Rawfld in the UK. I hope the Seventies guys are prepared to have thier vocabularies infected by the Stovedialer, and the Horsekiller. More news in a minute…..

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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