Aaron Ross is kooked…

Aaron Ross is something else, he’s probably one of the more outrageous people I know right now. His car is full of empty soda bottles and trash as well. Devon Hutch Trickstar has more pics of Aaron on his site, so peep that shit. Check out Pictures of Aaron Golfing, and grinding high ass ledges over there. Etnies Golf shoes. In other News. The new Stairmasers are very Bright….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

Aaron ross is kooked

Aaron Ross is currently in Japan, and probably no longer dressed as Fisher. He Is probably searching for food as he only eats Cheeseburgers. Leif Valin, and Derek Girard are currently looking in the Johnson City yellow pages, looking for a place for Aaron to get food. Forgash is in Portland also on the lookout for food, and was overheard exclaiming, “this is gonna be a shit storm!” Dirty Dan, Ryan Sher, and Walter Peringer are also on the Trip with Aaron, at a trade show/contest with the Crew from Motocross International, those guys are very accomodating, so things should be ok for the kid, and hopefully he has fun. In other news, Billy Ashby, also known as dancin Billy, Lil Billy, and Billy the Kid, is creeping around New Albany Indiana, on his way to Portland Kentucky, and making absurd phone calls from random phones, if you see him, ask him whats wrong with him.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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