Monday newsfest!

A handful of oldsters, mainly Kelly Baker, JR Baker,Kim Baker and myself, met up at CJ’s in Emira which is a new Indoor park. Its a fun spot, which is even insulated, so It hopefully won’t be too terribly cold this winter. We had a pretty good session, which included JR burning the back of Kelly’s neck with a cigarette. Kelly and Kim riding together is a blast, and probably no less than 50 years of riding between the two of them. Kelly is 40, and Kim is 38. Not your averge skatepark rats. Life behind bars, as Kim puts it…. Tony Hamlin did a Kodak commercial in Rochester this weekend, and had the same makeup artist as Dave Mirra. when he did the OXY commercials. The lady Told Tony he was cuter. In other news, The colorways of the Wurlitzers are posted in the product section, and Aaron Ross is working with Adam Roye on some new shirt graphics. Any suggestions? more news in a few….

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