Bikes are cool.

I re posted this pic of the Autopilot for a couple reasons, as there has been some confusion about its exact details. First off, Big Dave, Ken and Corts have been busting their asses getting these made, and those guys as well as the bikes are awesome. They should be availble in a minute, and will have .049″ wall thickness on the chainstays, and arearend that goes from 13.25-14.25″. The Dimples that have sparked some concern are for added crankarm clearence. By pressing in the endof the tube,(its not dented) Dave was able to move the stays in about a 1/4 of an inch in total. If the dimple was in the middle of the tube it would make it weaker, but since it is at the end of it, it does not affect the strength, But simply provides better clearence, which is difficult on bikes with short rearends. OK? As promised as well, here are some pics of Bugsy pissing himself. Bugs rules, peep his part when Tag gets the New Shitluck Video done. The Lucero DVD Documentery is out, and available on their site, its pretty cool, and they are rocking some FBM gear throughout, so peep that shit if you are into them at all. Thats it for now, Fisher broke my glasses trying to smack me in the forehead with a firecracker, and Kerry is only 30 as of today, Happy B-day, and Gilly Too…. Peace!

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