Curtis shirts and new frames…

New PW Motos are in stock, and Awesome, check them out. New features include a new headtube, and a slotted cablestop for easier brake maintenance, as well as new graphics and colors. The Original FBM hubguards are also available, and in colors as well. Curtis shirts are for sale on the online store, as well as bike shops, with some of the proceeds going to, to help with abaandoned pets from tragedies like Hurrican Katrina. Get one, Curtis rules, and stray dogs and cats are a bummer. While in Illinois, we actually saw Oliver Leonard, who was riding at the Westmont Park, he has been busy working, and taking care of his house, and will be under the waytchful eye of Kevin Porter for more frequent riding sessions. I Will be going through the tapes for the sponsor me contest this week, so any last minute entries will be accepted. there is a boxfull of footage, so it will take a minute to sort it all, we will announce a winner before the month is over though. Autoppilot chainstays are going to be .049 on production as well, so quit emailing about them, the bike is DIALED.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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