Welcome to FBM- Mikey Babbel

FBM’s newest Flow Bro Maniac is Mikey babbel out of Temecula California, We recently hooked Mikey up with a Berzerker, and he hooked us up with some pics, and this edit… Here’s a few Questions with Mikey as well- Name- Mikey Babbel
Location- Temecula, CA
Sponsors-FBM, SNAFU, Hell On…

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Inside out!

Anti Gravity is a skatepark in Newport News Virginia. They hate Gravity in that building, they are super Anti of gravity. Last night we shot some pics, and rode some rampeteria structures to the delightful sounds of Electric wizard, amidst the swarm of hang fivers, and high fivers. Kenny Horton…

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Full Circle

We got to ride a full pipe spot a few days ago, it was a chilly January Afternoon, and the fiberglass pipes were about as slippery as anything you would want to try and ride up, but it was super awesome.
Fbm Bro party BMX bandits, Erik Hollady and Latane…

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Kenny Horton- Handrails

Kenny Horton doesn’t have the internet at his home, yet he regularly corresponds with Michelle Obama and Kevin Bacon bacon via Email. He loves BMX riding with his bros. and Partying at night like Viking Zombie at an open bar. He has with one foul swoop, ripped the door off…

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