Take a look around…

The Radio is blasting some killer tunes, that you can't hear in this pic..

Sometimes, a song, or a photo, or a simple vibe put off by a character, can set the tone for something awesome. Jackson Allen, a recent FBM Flow Bro, from Sasquatch Canyon is one of those dudes. I get really stoked when he shoots me an email, with pictures, anecdotes, and the like, to share on the FBM site!
Kinda like how he first 55 seconds of Weakness by McRad, is the musical equivalent to the sound of a freewheel clicking, and the swoosh of some knobbies pumping through a berm, right before you hit a nice set of doubles. I heard the guitar riff yesterday while doing some work, and it got me really stoked, originally the tune was featured in a late 80’s skate video called Public Domain, and soon became an anthem for a generation in the mid 90’s when Stew Johnson Used it for the intro of 1201.
Jackson, is heading to Austin soon, to ride with Eric Hennessey, another dude with a sick soundtrack going off, metaphorically! These dudes get it. Thanks for ripping dudes, and being a part of FBM!
Let’s get awesome!

Feral Bearded Man from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Jackson, in Ashland oregon.

Holy Mountain

Life is art!