Fat Bald Men

Kenny, Tom, Joel, Three stoked Dudes!

The crew recently finished a half way across the country trek, post mega tour. In an exhausting cannonball run, they Road Tulsa with Drew York, Hit up spots in St. louis and ate waffles with the Ginch family, met the gay black midget from Gummo in Nashville Tennessee, and did outdoor yoga in Asheville North Carolina. Have wheels, will Travel.
If you have a set of wheels yourself, bring them out Friday night to Anti Gravity in Newport News VA. for the Jam.. FBM Pro’s Kenny Horton and Tom Blyth will be signing autographs in Goats blood, and I -Steve Crandall will be on hand to judge best costume, and hand out prizes! Craig Welch will be working security!
Happy Daylight Savings!

Get in the van!

The famous Tom Blyth. Stephen H. Pic.

this is what travel looks like!

Side Profile of the Crown Royal topload!