Captain, there are doubts…. (weekend jam pics)

Captain, there are doubts....

The Friday Night Horror, BMX jam, BBQ and garage sale at Anti Gravity Skatepark in Newport News Va, was sick! A ton of riders came out, rode hard, got stoked and won tons of free stuff, From FBM, ReCycles, Revival, and a bunch of great prizes from Sidewall and Full Factory, ( Awesome prizes from Hoffman bikes, Sunday, Proper, Snafu and more) Thanks a ton Guys! BMX provided another day of hi fives and get rads, it was really cool! Thanks to Evan Venditti, Justin Weidell, Anti Gravity and everyone who showed up!

BBQ Snafu!

Ruel Smith- Ghost Dog!

Tom Blyth, Barspin!

Garage sale.... Happy Customers!

Dude Party!

Dillon Leeper rode amazing! truck fakie.

A lot of riders showed up, and had a good time!

Evan V on the Mic, Justin Weidell in the beard!

Brains ferd.

Wormz and Kenny Horton, Hi Fives!

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