The Art of Getting Stoked!

Adam Guilliams, half injured, fully twisted lookback. T1!

Just to be invited on Mega Tour is a big deal to us at FBM, and the dudes couldn’t have been more stoked. I mean, there a gazillion shredders out there these days, so we were definitely happy to be asked to participate! As a special guest, we invited Darryl Nau, who above and beyond, was a real life Metallica soundtrack, 24/7, giving the trip positive energy, inciting headbanging, high airs, fist pumping, air guitar, and went so far as to install a maximum wattage heavy metal sound system in the bus, and throw a killer party for EVERYONE in BMX to enjoy. Huge thanks to D Man for coming along, and for making everyone’s time that much more special! Aside from his motivational speeches, party time smiles, and general support for the guys, Darryl ABSOLUTELY shredded the BMX fully. Get Stoked!

The Ultimate crew, for laughs, good times, and shreddblasting!

This crew made it awesome! Terrel Gordy did an amazing job filming, and even treated the crew to Coffee on a few occasions to get the day started, plus he was a good sport about spending his birthday with the FBM crew at a comedy club in Dallas, rather than eating ice cream cake with his girlfriend! Keith Terra also did an amazing job, getting snapshots, smoking cigs, and cracking jokes, thanks Guys! Eric hennessey provided transport and full on positive mental attitude for the tour! Without him, we would have pedalled from Austin to Dallas and back. Thank you Eric! Kenny Horton. Garrett Guilliams, Tom Blyth, Joel Barnett, and Adam Guilliams Joined Eric, as the Official FBM Pro Team for Mega Tour, with World Famous Fun Navigation Expert- Evan Venditti helping dial in spots, hi fives, general direction and More! Awesome Crew. I, Steve Crandall, drove the rig, cooked breakfast, drove the crew nuts, and played trip dad for a week. Couldn’t be more Stoked on the crew, how they rode, how motivating they are, and how cool a bunch of dudes they are!

Joel Barnett!

Escape from New York Winter!

Part animal, part machine- Kenny Horton!

Born to be wild- Gwinchman!

Gypsy Wallride to belly flop into a pile of broken glass!

BBQ at T1, Joe Rich is a super cool dude! Thanks again!

Kings of Awesome! Santana and Darryl Nau!

Alphabet Mess- T1, FBM, BSD, interbrew virtual industry seminar!

In addition, HUGE thanks to Joe Rich for all the hospitality, letting us ride at his house, and being a cool ass dude! Ryan Corrigan gets a big shout out as well, taking us to a bunch of sick spots, and riding a 10 year old outsider frame, thanks Ryan, we had a blast!
FBM would like to also thank all the locals, in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and in between for such a good time, and allowing us to visit your spots, We love BMX!