Yeah Monday.

I think this pic of the amazing John Corts was already on the news once, but its so badass, i figured we could look at it again. John and Dylan Cole live with Big Dave, who spent the day fixing doors at FBM rather than making kick ass frames like he usually does. Dave loves fixing doors after people break into our building and steal shit from us, it makes our jobs easier. Since we at FBM are so rich, we used the most expensive Ghetto comp leftovers we could find to patch the Garage Door. Awesome Party. Dane Wild and Shanton Wilson are on the Albes roadtrip to florida, peep the Albes site for trip updates. Dane also repprted that a Great Dane ran into his car the other day, and an akward cooincidence. If Kelly Baker Was telling that story it would be hilarious, For real. Aaron Ross probably did something good today, congratulate him if you see him.

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Yeah Monday.

No crazy news to report. Thursday the 22nd is Big Daves Birthday though, come party with us for the annual FBM Christmas party at the Belmar that night, free food, cheap drinks, and black Santa karaoke. Big Dave and Ken went Snowboarding for the first time this year, so I stole 2 pics of Forgash off the internet, of him snowboarding, because he is the awesomest dude ever, and I have personally witnessed him destroy numerous bathrooms. ECT had a Shadow video premiere, apparently the team was ll kidnapped last year, but they are all ok now. Joe Simon made the video and has great riding in his section.Joe Rules. Alex Dropsy has probably the best riding I have seen in years in it, consecutive brakeless 360’s over huge doubles in france. It was cool. Scary graphics. Oohhh. Aaron Ross is great. Tony Cardona wet the bed. Now Playing, Merle Haggard-“mama tried”.

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