Business as usual?

Big dave and the crew were making awesome bikes today, getting back to business after security issues. The Corts Bros. were working hard getting Ready for a drive all the way to Detroit to see Blacki Lawless and WASP perrform. Should be pretty cool. Did anyone ever see the Decline of Western Civilzation “the Metal years” with the guitarist from WASP in the swimming pool dead drunk on Vodka with his Mom on the patio? Class act. John Has been guzzling Kronik Energy drinks all week, Tyler from Arizona hooked us up with some, and John already blew through 2 cases. Jeff and John have also been busy in the Last Call Distribution warehouse, Jeff has been studying new techniques for evasive answers to John Lee’s inquiries, and oihn has been dreaming up new questions for Jeff. Niether of them like being manhandled or tickled while working, or by men at all for that matter. I think. Tyler Bergstrom, the winner of the Sponsor me comp, is in the new Ride, with Nice pic of a gnarley half naked 180. Guess who is on the cover of the mag to the left of him, and win Chase Hawks pants. In other news, Tony Hamlin likes burritos. Now playing- Suicidal Tendancies Pod Mix….”I want More”

Originally Posted by Stephen Crandall