Heck yeah.

We are waiting on the new stems, which are being made By Phil Wasson at Super Rat Machine Works, under the expert tootilidge of Christopher Wallace. Lou Bickle says iff you aint down with Phil, the Crown Royal Stem, Biggie, or the PW Moto, he will eat your face. JJ Fab will attest to it. Mike Tag And Leland are so stoked on the New FBM products, that thier faces got stuck in this position below. I ain’t kidding you. Big Dave is stoked that it’s snowing, so he can go snowboarding, and Ken as well, who is buying one of the Scotty Whitlake DIY boards at Reezenbutters shop, Outlaw Boards in Canandaigua. Scotty’s porch is the one we are all chilling on in the new Ride. His Cat is fang the walking cat. Both of those guys will be at FBM with sore asses next week, whipping up samples of the New FBM Forks which should be off the charts. Look for Eazy E and Flavor Flav to be rocking the new forks as pendents on thier necklaces on Surreal Life very soon. Kid n Play is also working on House Party 4, a movie about dancing, Hip Hop, and the scene at Kennedy’s at 3 am. C-hunk is one of the main characters in this new flick, it should be filming this weekend in Bigglestown. In tone of the scenes, its so wild, that Aott, the proprieter at Kennedy’s, has 2 Live Crew doing a concert in the dining room. Now playing, Circle Jerks-Wild in the Streets.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall