JJ Fab sent over some riding pics of the boys. Thanks to John Jackson for those, and the swig of Wyoming moonshine that he made me drink. Tony Cardona shown witha heavy Mow on the sub. Derrick Girard is arguably responsible for bringing back 2 tricks in the past few years, Tire grabs, and Lawnmowers. We’ll see if framestand rollbacks become a hot move though. After the pic of Dane wild eating shit, afro Pat pickedhim up like a 6 pack of Schlitz and carried him off the course. Shanton Wilsons table top is nice. Mike Corts rode awesome in the best trick, as far as i am concerned, he won, no one does gap ninja drop to fakie. He is one of my favorites lately. He’s like his brother John, but not as pissed. Ha. He has a huge ratt tattoo as well. In other news, if anyone know who stole Big Daves bike, please report them to Curtis. If we find out who you are, we are going to dress you in a UPS uniform, and let Curtis Chase you around the machine shop. Gilly and dave King are being flpwn to Panama City to build dirt jumps. How cool is that? Now playing, Mission of Burma- “academy fight song”

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