Weekend update!

Alex from Ithaca!

An awesome weekend in the Ithaca Area, courtesy of Ben Jones at East Shore, and the Saints to Sinners crew! Thanks on behalf of the FBM gang for a great time filled with Riding, partying and general mayhem, here are a few pics….

Gypsy Vid premiere! Korey Kryder, Geoff with a G, Jason Morris, Sweet Baby and a viking! Hobo Life Evan V! Doc Hollady Hollady! Big Dave and Toby!

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Weekend update…

Vert Legend Simon Tabron lurking on the roll in behind Mat Hoffman, aka ICONdor

Another unorthodox BMX weekend goes down in the history books. Lots of great riding, good people, awesome music and smiles all day on saturday at the Bike Lot in Richmond Va.- and to top it all off, Mat Hoffman was on hand to judge, hang out and get people stoked all weekend. The guys from Virginia beach built a makeshift lemonade stand out of scrap pallets, and raised 400 bucks for Mikey Aitken, by spray painting “support bmx” on T-shirts, and Darryl Nau made the hugest ever, get well card and had a couple hundred people sign it for Mikey as well, pretty danged cool!
Ty Morrow used the power of popeye forearms to destroy the mini ramp, and later bunnyhop 47 inches, winning the hopcomp. he barely touched on 48…
Leland brought 5 bottles of night train, and over 100 hot dogs, for 5 lucky random competitors, including Big Job, Darryl Nau, and the winner, Shawn Stabbedshot. It was gross.
Simon Tabron, and Kagy won best trick with a multitude of stunts, that were simply outrageous. Garret Byrnes, Geoff Slattery, Brad Gethard, tibbs, Dan Foley, and others also killed it, and Garret Guilliams went over 9 an half feet on a pallet death ramp for the high air win. Stoked!
For some reason I am Drawing a blank on the sub box winner’s name, but he got a sweet steak and cheese delivered from mojos, and Tibbs gave him 200 bucks as well.
Too much stuff all weekend, can’t remember all of it. Thanks to DC, Amp,Dans Comp, Mojos, Shitluck, Snafu, Blacken, Animal, Duo, Verde, Eastern, Profiile and everyone who helped us at FBM and REcycles put together a really fun event.

Chad Kagy, is pretty cool. Tibbs, big Internet shout out to that guy. Christian Hewitt hyping up the bunny hop Comp! Winner of the Sub.... Zack Sahw.... dea! 2 awesome bike kooks!- all pics by Bob

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