Tuesday update.

John Lee is the dude in the trivia question, riding Endwell trails. We would like to Welcome John to the FBM Family, as he is now helping with Sales, so feel free to call him up, and ask ridiculous questions about bikes, Kennedy’s, VW Beetles, or anything else for that matter. John Is awesome and we are stoked he is here. Last night was the Animal video Premiere in NYC, congrats to Ralph, Bobby Skurbo, and Shane for a great vid, and a fun night. Shane looked a little rugged, but he is a trooper. Standouts in the video, were Tom Whites gold fronts, Lino riding to Mazzy Star, and Wormz killing it. All the riding was top notch. The scene at teh premiere was off the charts, Freestyle rappers, Blunts, 40’s, Tons of Bird calls, and kids screaming bullet shooting noises. I laughed my ass off. Ian Morris was in the house, as was Mike tag and Dave King, and fantastically shitty Ron Shitcalf. Tons of People Actually. We drove down with Rob and Andy from American Icon. Tag shot pool againsta robot, The Philly kids were nuts, the whole night was crazy. More news later….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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