Stems, Stuff and whatnot

This is what it looks like when a bunch pf stems are getting manufactured. Phil is working dilligently, burning the midnight oil, on his new business venture. One more facet of our Industry being supported for and by riders. Cool. If you wondered what it looks like when you get out of the van after Tony Hamlin lets Hopper control he pod, this could be it, Yours truly, and the amazing Doctor Forgash. This weeks East Coast trailriding Legend Photo contest, guess the rider, and the trails in this pic, and you win. Guess why we are posting a pic of said Wildman, and win a beef patty cocoa bread with cheese. (i’ll post the previous questions results tomorrow). Stew had a birthday. Old Pheasant, Look for Stew’s old ass trying to get footy of Aaron Ross as well as Cameron Wood on the next Road Fools. Aaron Rode well on the last Road Fools, courtesy of the Red bike, as well as his talents, and his own Blue bike. He phoned to fill us in on some of the shit he and Dev Dog were filming this weekend in Austin, and Wow. Dang. Expect the Winner of the Sponsor me Comp to be announced this week as well, Sorry its taken so long, I am easily distracted. Now Playing “bankrobber” -The Clash

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall