Wed. update

Heres a pic of Aaron Ross’ new 06 Pw Moto he just built up, he says it works well for bunny hop whips. I guess. Tony Cardona rode at the Red Bull comp in Milwaukee over the weekend, he said he didnt know what he placed, but that he had a blast. Fun is Good, so good job Tony. Tony is one of my faoviritest riders. Heres an old pic of Kelly Baker, circa the early Nineties at a Motocross race at Unadilla. Kelly says this pic gets him stoked, because he was the first one on the track for practice that morning, and it was all fresh, no tracks. Good Memories. Kelly has some great MX stories from growing up, you should hear him and his brother Kim, they get going, and your stomach will hurt from Laughing. Tomorrow(thursday) is Big Daves Birthday, and the FBM holladay party at the Belmar. Dave King, Gilly,a nd a bunch of us will be riding East Coast Terminal, then hitting up the Bar for some Food, and spirits… Be there. Word.

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