Tuesday Newsday!

Joel Barnett- custom FBM one off.

Checking in With Joel Barnett who just built up an FBM custom, lightning fast supertherm badass bike with extra high fives. Joel had been riding an Autopilot and finally decided to retire it. Look for shred pics soon. FBM’s machine shop capabilities allow unique research and development, with Riders and frame builders working hand and hand in the same location, anything is possible, so keep your ears open… more news in that department soon.

monster gusset? Big Job, Lenny Norton, Joel Barnett, and Garrett Ginch New Bike Happiness ala FBM Machine shops and the John Corts! Whats up with Captain Fun?

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Tuesday newsday!

A sweet Warm weather shot of Johnny Corts, by Sweet Baby

Its Tuesday in NY, and its cold with freezing rain. the westbound highway was closed on the way in, and peppered with jacknifed semis, and ditched autos, not pretty, so do yourself a favor and get yourself some California sun, over at Defgrip with the new Give D edit. Its pretty Awesome. To further combat the effects of today weather, I posted a pic of Johnny Corts from summer time. Its tuesday, and “whats hanging on the wall in the machine shop?” gives us a picture of Tag 2 pegging a ledge in Paris from like 2000 or so, when we went over there, it was one heck of a trip. Also on the wall are stencils that Mikey randomly makes. He’s an original for sure. Howlers are in stock, feel free to give us a call, and ask about availability on those and anything else that John Lee, or John Paul can help you with…

John Lee and a batch of Howlers... In Stock! The infamous E-dog, skating the cart, and modelling the Warhol Hoody! Mike Tag, in Paris, Via the Machine shop wall. Sup in the machine shop? is that a penguin stencil? Johnny, Dylan and mikey, sending frames to heat treat. Is that Big Dave Fourthousandonehundredandthirty? The Beecher kids? Joel Barnett, wall slap- sweet baby pic.

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Tuesday newsday!

This man is known as the

Check out Axelradarmy, and Credence Bikes for some good old fashion East Coast updates by some Dudes who know how to make it happen. Literally. Midwest Know how on Scott Townes Deliverance Project site. The Bearded Derrick pic . and the Dave King shot lifted courtesy of Clint, Derrick has been in Maine, Dialing away, and dave King has jined the rank of BMXers with Bmx motorcycle travel vessals. Peep treebo with Nasty Dawg, and Tony C….. Aping it. Bad news for today is that Street Legend Jimmy Levan has taken a spill, and is in a Hospital with some serious head injuries. He should be OK, be we wish him the best, and a speedy recovery. It’s early November, end of the season for riding trails… I snuck in a solo session to the sounds of “sunny afternoon” by the kinks, but it was not sunny, and warm, it was cold and the earth was as grey as the sky, prior to a 5pm sunset… get in the laps while you can, old man winter hates BMX.

Bikes and bikes... dave King TreebO and Nasty Tony c, Huge Pa. Woods Downside whip. Get Well Jimmy... End of the season... Lone wolf Session, after buying Wolf tickets... Season Pass next year?

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