Mickey Marshal!

Mickey Nose wheelie stunt...

Here are a few more pics of Mickey Marshal, AKA- “Memmy”, sent over by Erik Stevenson. I don’t know if these guys hang out at parties with black lights or not, but the guys in Louisiana are pretty wild. Tom Blyth also sent over some pics of FBM/Uk- 4Down rider, Sandy, shredding the streets… Tom Blyth is out with a bum Knee, and sore eardrums from his Slipknot ringtones. Get well soon Tom. St. Louis shredder Garret Guilliams is also down after a crash blew his sleeves off, sprained his ankle, and put him on crutches for a minute. Lobster boywas not available immediately for comment.Peep the Savage South site for more pics and stories about Garrett and Mickey.

See you on the other side..... Big launch in Louisiana Sandy rail hop- UK. More UK Sandy Garret G, loves meatloaf. the singer. ?

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