Yesterday was my first day riding the trails this season… Some of the guys rode over the weekend, and Snake, jammer and Buno met up after work yesterday and we rode a bit. the hill Bakers Acres sits on went from a flood to a drought in a matter of 2-3 days. The weather has made trail riding harder and harder the last couple years, Less people digging, and having more responsibility makes it hard enough to maintain some dirt jumps, but global warming must really hate trails… Any rate, when you actually get a chance to ride some jumps after putting some time in working on them, it puts a smile on your face. Peep Bmxonline for Bike checks on Ride Magazine Editors, Kieth Mulligan, and JeffZ. pics up of the FBM’s they ride…

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The trail progress is in tow, with Joe and Jammer Baker, Nasty Nate and myself, along with some sketchy dude digging this afternoon. The loverboy diggers atr Kennedy’s and their kool aid jumps are getting dialed in as well, with John Lee whipping the boys into shape. Every line at the trails is named after a Kennedy’s menu item. Right There! I shot a pic of the Ithaca night sky out of Nates Car window on the way home, i figured I would share it, Digicam pic sare fun. The Bike Monster almost drank all my hell beer. Did anyone notice how much coverage Aaron Ross has been getting lately. Peep the new ride. I also heard rumor of a double tire to tailwhip down 16 stairs at a bowling convention in Corpus Christi today. APE! Now Playing-Howlin Wolf “wang dang doodle”

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Weekends with trail riding, swimming and BBQ’s are good ones. Big Dave was aping it hard at the Bakers Acres, and blasting nice flatty’s out of the wallride. It was awesome. Tony Hamlin, twin 1 and some other rattchester kids were in the house too. Cran Cran (thats me) was back on the trails scene after a self diagnosed separated shoulder, and was testing out a brand new Deployer with Apehangers. Fun. Dave Erecitano, and Brian A. were also in shred mode, showing up with upwards of 15 dollars worth of gatorade. Cameron Wood, shown here at the 50/50 FBM vid showing, has been getting ready to jump in the Van with the crew in an uncertain, yet very soon FBM tour to the other side of America. Fishty Cent is alive and kicking out in Temecula California, and almost learned front flips in a G-unit jersey at Point X. Word. More news in few….Oh yeah, the Video Contest deadlines have been extended, since we’ll be out on the road, and we are now going to accept DVD’s as well, from anyone, anywhere, doing anything. The Footy might end up in a bonus section of the next FBM video, even if it is not the winning footage, so get your cameras out and send us all of your footy, even if its 10 years old, we wanna see it.

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