I’m Ron Burgundy?

News updates on a website can be about as exciting as a day in the office. After I left the office today though, I went to HCS, and rode Derek Nelson’s fullpipe that he bought. Yeah, he bought one, and started making a real drum kit out of garbage cans, and all kinds of cool shit. After that it was street riding with Nastee Nate and Ian, at the pool, where rope swinging commenced. I met a guy named Jeff at the convenience store, who was stoked on FBM and recently purchased a flask. That was cool. Strange almost, but cool. Shwan Arata is getting married soon, like 2 weeks from now. Congrats Shawnee. Not much else to report, except that Catfish is kooked, and Vegas is lethal…..

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I’m Ron Burgundy?

While we wait for the Apeman Derrick Girard to get hear from Maine (he is driving right now), for the FBM Summer Tour, Tony Hamlin and Dancin’ Billy Ashby admire the new ramp stickers that showed up today. They are big, and cool looking, and for sale now. Rattchester Gosh Dang Twin is now on the trip, and we leave headed west to pick up Corrigan who is in Cleveland. Can Crandall handle a twin in a van? Will Tag Double peg some ledges? Shit. In other news, the Princess Bride is a good movie, coffee gets people stoked, and Kerry doesn’t drink it. Curtis teh cold blooded killer is drinking coffee right now, and rolling inpaint while Big Dave trains for the Bigglestown Greater Metropolitan Marathon. He is entering it towing a rickshaw with the Corts brothers, and Team Major air funneling Kool-aid in the cart, listening to WASP, and screaming “GO BIG DAVE!”

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