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Matt Berringer got a computer, the internet, and was nice enough to email these 2 pics of Cameron wood to us. He mentioned that Cam has been riding super good, and that Utah Cobras will attack. I guess it snowed recently in Utah, cuz Cam is Lipsliding Berringers ramp like he’s a yeti. Aaron Ross likes Paul Wall, FBM bikes, pizza, his girlfriend, and thats it. Maybe not, but one of his other sponsors sent me a disturbing package filled with pictures of a sick looking midget lounge singer, that was of a disturbing resmblence to myself, but with wierder hands. And other bad stuff that would make a latter day saint in Utah sad. Billy Ashby is alive and chillin in Louisville, where Mike Tag is headed back to after a visit to Texas and getting robbed in Memphis. Tony Hamlin is nursing atweaked knee after crashing bad at ratty fest, and at Metro Jam prior.Tony Cardona will be on the Road with BiG daddy Walter Perringer going to the Louisiana transitions Jam, and possibly the bridge comp in Joplin Missouri. Phil Wasson is trying out for a role in Back to the future 4, being filmed in Kansas City, as well as keeping busy making some Kick ass parts for FBM, while Kelly Baker is in Newark Valley cooking up some schemes for an FBM road trip he is going on next month, it will be his forst Road trip withthe crew in sometime, so lookout. Shanton Wilson are having a myspace love affair with each other and keeping the midwest on lockdown. I spoke briefly with Ruel “wormz” Smith in NYC today, who said he was real stoked on his PW Moto he just put together, look for pics of him on the site soon. Dave King aint shit, The Corts brothers are entered in an eating contest this weekend in Medina Ohio, and Big Dave won the Internet today in a bet with Ken the welder. Leif Valin will draw something awesome and email it to us this week. I’ll be at Bakers Acres all week, working on dirt jumps, BBQ on Saturday if the weather holds up, and free food and beer for anyone who show up with a shovel. Now Playing- Merle Haggard “Mama tried”

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