Thunder Down Under

Jamie Moore FBM Distro in OZ

You want the thunder? you got the thunder… Thats what Cornpie yelled at Fisher in the hotel room in Austin Tx, way back during the FBM/T1 comp at ramp ranch like 10 years ago. He was yelling and threatening fisher becasue he had thrown his Ginch stole christmas sweathshirt out the window..
Anyrate, the real thunder is with Jamie Moore in Australia, peep his interview Here and check out more FBM in Australia at Helensvale!

FBM Custom Bike Build at Helensvale BMX from Helensvale BMX on Vimeo.

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Thunder Down Under!

RC. Stoked.

Wizards of Aus. tour is a go!
Jamie Moore hooked up an FBM/ Stowaway trip with Kie Ashworth, Kenny Horton, Peter Koh, Mikey Corts and More…
FBM LEGEND Ryan Corrigan flew in to show the youngsters how to travel in style ,and shred bowls. Stoked!
We started out the day At Backbone BMX, where Rhisty and bentley showed us a good time, with cold ones and fish and chips. Backbone is one of the biggest dealers for FBM, and Rhisty definitely Camped out in the abandoned building at the 2nd Ghetto comp at the old FBM, with T1 Russ. Dea…. here’s a couple pics…

Rhisty! Bockboners. Lets do this.

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Thunder Down Under…

Jamie Moore From Stowaway, which is our Australian Connection, sent over this update- (thanks Chiv)
Alright here is what has been happening down here of late….

Peter Koh our long Standing FBM rider down here is still loving his 1st
Generation Deployer, Peter has been busy tearing up the New South Wales
coast hitting parks and streets with his Autopilot mounted Brother Benson.

Benson Actually took this photo of Pete Boosting of grass bank in Newcastle.
You can see Peters first video section in our latest DVD “Patterns”
(this is available from Animal in the USA)

We have also Just added a new Team rider to our Australian Team , Kie
Ashworth is a super young amped kid with more skills than you would think.
Kie has been riding for us with Coalition for some time and just kills
Everything he touches. He was down here to do some riding and I offered him
a Stairmaster , chopper forks and some clothes and he jumped on the chance
to rep FBM down here.

He hopped on the Stairmaster and immediatley tried to air out of sketchy 12
vert wallride. Kie is always travelling and will form great representation
for FBM in Oz (he has kind of go that Tony Hamlin energy going on , you

Both Peter and Kie are filming for Patterns 2 as we speak which should be
dropping some time next year.

We have also flowed a Bitchin Camaro frame and parts to our good friend
Jason Cousins in Sydney- Jason has quit riding for some other dudes to ride
for Us on this BC -he his a kick ass rider who is currently in training for
the next olympics where he will be riding the BC with jeans and a longsleeve
FBM jersey. Pretty cool huh?

We went and Saw Avail last Saturday night and it was good to See Tim Repping
the old favourite FBM shirt.

Well I guess that’s what we have been up to with FBM of late-
You would have noticed our orders have been getting bigger and
More frequent so heres to the future!

Now playing Bad Brains -“how low can a punk go?”

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