There ain’t no Palm Trees in the Northeast….

It is sunny in Upstate New York today, but the horizon looks grim, and old Man winter is not scared of Raising hell in this part of the world… Aaron Ross however is In the United Kingdom, at the Backyard Jam, and then out and about filming for an upcoming Odyssey project. His Homeboy Old Dirty Dev Dog provided the website I poached these photos of Aaron off of. Devon also shot an Aaron photo for an FBM Ad which should be out in the Next Ride UK. Tony Cardona’s buddy Greg Dickson shot these pics of Tony, sometime before he broke both my door handle and the gas flap on my car. One would be an understandable accident, but I have no idea how he managed to break both. Tony Is in Florida, assuming he figured out how airports work, and if he his, I am sure he is destroying the Mesh skatepark, and probably sporting a Scooby Doo costume.

Originally Posted by CRandialer

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