Jeff harrington Puts Hex on John Lee…

To celebrate Halloween, Jeff Harrington used vodoo science on John Lee, and made him watch New Jack City all weekend, thinking the whole time he was Nino Brown. Rumor has it Nino and Passenger 57 are in deep with the feds on Income tax evasion. Lookout Panguitch Utah. John Lee takes off this week, for Rock and Roll Road Fools with myself and Tony Hamlin. Expect to see updates on Ride Magazines> website daily. The Machine Shop has been kicking ass this month, breaking all kinds of landspeed records, Mike Corts and Dylan Cole made it from the loading dock to the warehouse in record time with several lengths of seamless aircraft grade 4130 chromoly, and to celebrate, Mike Corts took to getting all of his favorite metal bands tattooed on his back. It kind of looks like a 9th grade burnout notebook cover from the eighties. Halloween from now on for Mike Corts. Gilly has been riding trails in Pa. with the likes of Dunny,Dave King, Makoto, and Joe Rich amongst others, check out this pic of Gilly from Axelrad By Matt Trevel, there are some cool Trails shots on that sucker. In Dunny news, he crashed at Catty this weekend, and nearly ripped his nipple off. A visit to the ER, and 1 stitch later and all is fine. Japanese Trail rider, Makoto, who is visiting Gilly for a month, had this to say- “Dunny Have Nipple like woman…” Now Playing- Suicidal Tendencies “I want More”

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