Daily Cardona?

Tony Cardona pics by Greg Dickson. Its been getting colder out in Chicagoland, and in Ny there is a Shitty weather advisory for tonight, with rain and snow headed our way. Awesome. New Fbm softgoods in the testing stages, Shown here with Du-rags, or skully’s, the next big thing in headwear according to Mike Corts and Greco. Could these be the next New Era? What about Clip on ties? Always on the forefront of Fashion here at FBM. Word up to Rob and Andy and their mucksock eating Donkey over at American Icon. Jermey Pavia sent over this shot of John Lee, and invites anyone who is interested to check out his website. Wanna see some other cool rider/photographer websites? Checkout Sandy Carson’s site.
Rob Dolecki has a site up called Qualia Photo, or something, Keith Terra has 36 exposed up and running, and everyones favorite rat skeleton, Devon Hutchins is often updated. Enjoy.

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