Shawn Arata-he is ALIVE!

Shawn Arata might not have been seen much lately, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a badass. Shawn is up in Chicagoland, working and being a daddy. We love Shawn. At his wedding, we danced so much, there were holes worn in the floor, from the big Dave shuffle. Not the Curly shuffle, or the Icky shuffle, but just as wild, maybe not as wild as bugsee that night though. John Corts turned 21 this weekend, hppy B-day John. For his Birthday, his brother, Mike Corts, Cuddled with Derrick Girard, who has been sending incoherant emails from as far away as, Turkey, france, and who knows where else. Its Raining, more news in a few…

Originally Posted by Crandialer

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