Monday News Party!

Toby Forte from the FBM UK Team is in Australia, and sent these pics over, of a ratty ole quarterpike he found, while heading to Cameron Whites trail Jam, where he rode with Dave Dilleward, Cam White, Colin Mackay, and Corey Bohan. He said he also saw Kangaroos, and that it was a real Budddddy Carnival! Justin Short of Milk racing. and PUSH fame, sent over this pic of a guy he works with named Kelly Baker. Note attched said- “this here is a fat trucker and ex pro arm wrestler by the bame of KELLY BAKER!” Stoked. Justin is responsible for the first FBM Fat Bald MEn Graphic, as well as the PUSH Shovel graphic that Todd Walkoviak has tattooed on his leg. He also Rode his BMX from Pittsburgh to Ithaca once, and slept in a cemetary on a friday the 13th along the way. Stoked. The real Kelly Baker built up a patterson, as he raced it in 1984, except less ratchety, he is stoked. Scott Towne of Deliverance has some cool pics of winter time sessioning on his site, and is about to have a Breakfast Neverdown. Probably one of the funniest Black Flag jokes ever. A few of us hit up Woodward this weekend, Jason Roe, Doyle, Tony Hamlin, Chunk,. Cruzer, John Lee and myself. It was the coldest weather in the history of the earth, but goodtimes were had, I’ll post more pics from the weekend later. Tony Hamlin does someof the work on the FBM Myspace page, and wants everyone to know, it was either hacked, or victim to a virus, so If you got annoying messages from it, this weekend sorry about that. John Corts was probably lurking around on it after barspinning through the doorway in to FBM. Sweet Baby Tarbell pic. More news soon….. Now Playing , Helmet- “unsung”

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Monday news party

The weekend was spent in Nyc by a handful of us. It was awesome riding till the wee hours in that town, heres a couple pics of Shane Rossi from animal, and Ralph, as well as some random shots over the weekend. The Banks jam was fun, tons of old friends and young whipper snappers just hanging out and riding bikes. Ralph organized the event, and the locals held it down by cleaning up afterwards, so thanks to all of them. Hippie Steve was in the house, but I changed his name to Gnarly steve. Got to see Big James ride the banks which is a treat, other personal highlights include seeing Jimmy Mac in real life, Vinnie sammon Nohander fakies on the wall, I saw a dude eat shit trying a surfer on the banks, and I went to a bar that served dogs. Overall it was real fun, and a lot of people rode awesome. Ryan Corrigan was present, and that was cool to see him without a saw or a hammer in his hand, he got a break from building ramps and hung out for the Jam, and in NYC with Tunney, and Ben Mistak. More news later, I think.

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