Let\’s Get Awesome!

GAry Ginch, at Vics trails...

Keith Terra shot some awesome photos, from this years Gypsy Caravan tour over on ESPN, Check out this
Great Photo Feature of some kick ass east coast trail spots, and then go grab a shovel. Build your own fun!

Eric Hennessey!

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Lets Get awesome….

It’s rained nearly every day these past few months, minus a dry spell in August. For People that like to ride dirt jumps, outside in the woods, it makes things a pain in the ass. Luckily the trails were dry earlier this week, and a few of us old timers got to do some bike riding. Jammer, shown blasting the wallride is about to have a baby with his wife this week, and you could tell he was stoked, he rode like a wild man, blasting off the wall, into the curved wallride. Kelly Baker ate shit real hard, and accused me of laughing at him before he even stopped sliding accross a rock pile on his chest and neck. He was half right. Dinner on a camp fire out of a can after hitting some jumps, is not bad, But I have no idea what David Lee Roth and Arnold were doing at the trails.

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