Secret FBM Warehouse Ramps.

John Lee carving a table on the FBM mega ramp!

East Coast Winters usually are not the most temperate… With that in Mind, John Lee, with some wiring help of the big dog, Mike Erb, to get some lighting up, and built some ramps in an unused spot in the warehouse.
The guys all pitched in, and dialed in some makeshift kickers, and went at it. Spine, quarters, wallrides, etc…
Proper east coast winter stokeage.
These photos were all shot within 15 minutes during break… Good times!

Joby, John and Erbles at break time. Abubaca!

Cranpa, on a borrowed bike, wall carve. Joby Pic.

John Lee, tire slide at roughly 45 MPH

Paul wall and Blaze!

Joby with a Dunny Footplant in the vert wall!

Gilly back section wallride, on the section salvage from ECT!

JOhn Lee with a sweet Spike Jonze can can plant!