Fidelity Bicycle Manufacture.

Engineering and Manufacturing breakthroughs!?

FBM Bike Co!
Losey once said something to the effect, that he could Imagine the FBM crew making trouble, but the idea of making bikes seemed outrageous. He was the editor of Ride Magazine at the time, that was probably 13 years ago.
The friendly building maniacs in the machine shop, Blaze, Paul and Joby have been turning Iron ore into wonderful, beautifully handcrafted BMX mechanisms, that make getting awesome, even that much more awesome!
Check out the Gypsy frames they built which are currently in stock and available preferred bike shops worldwide through Last Call Distro.
Bikes are awesome, Bikes made at FBM are especially awesome, check one out!

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil...

New products in the works...