Lords of Fun

Anything on wheels...

The time spent on the road, with worries left behind, good friends, and a freespirited smile along for the ride, are some of the best times I have spent during my life as BMXer. A few of us coined the phrase, “Lords of Fun”, as a tongue and cheek movement, towards travel, and adventure, without the limits that labels, or genres, and categories that people often place on themselves.

We ride motorcycles strapped down with BMX bikes, Tents, skateboards, and whatever gear we can squeeze in a back pack, and roll. Some dudes will tag along in a Green Limo, skateboard all day, or ride skateparks, hit up the streets, trails, anything for a smile.

Check out the Video below from the Trip, and check the links for a ton of pics..

The trip was made possible by Tioga, and Least Most and Props

Some of the photos were also featured in The Albion!