Rumble Seats, Web Posts and More…

New Produts have shown up, and are available, you can cal anyone of the Johns that work at Last Call, and they can get you set up with what you need. International Distributors should have the new stuff as well, 4Down and FBM rider Josh Elkington, shown here, will personally gnaw on each seat post as a promotion for UK shops. He is an Animal. He might be one of my favorite riders in a long time. Talem sent some more pics of Aaron Ross in Austin, with Will Stroud, filming for yet another DVD, this time for Odyssey. Women apparently love the NEON. Look for some Tony Hamlin Anti -Neon products in the works at FBM. Dark Black. The Machine Shop Tour Page has a video posted, its from the most Recent Props and shows some insight to how bikes are made. FBM is Proud to Be one of the few companies that not only hand builds frames in house, But also has a guy in an orange ski mask lurking around with a broom. Party. More news soon, and non’t forget to send in Vids for the Film Festival.To see some more pics of Kelly’s bloody Head Incident at Ray’s, check the Deliverance site, and see what Scott Towne has to say. Now PLaying-Whiskey and Co.

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