John Paul? Did Someone Say John Paul?

We went and did it, we hired a complete Staff of John’s in Last Call. John Lee, and John Tillman will now be joined by John Paul Rogers, in the sales dept. at FBM. JP will be helping with various projects, as well as sales. Some people might recognize JP, from the cover of Go magazine, The legendary Schwinn Tattoo, or his years of involvement at S & M. JP is a s kooked as teh rest of here, so we welcome him with open arms. To Celbrate, John Tillman picked up some bikes from the paint shop, and unpacked a shipment of new goodies at FBM, including Rumble seats, Web Posts, Mid BBs, Integrated Headsets, Banners, Ramp Stickers and all that Jive! Stoked. We have Orange seats baby. Big Dave, the Corts Bro’s, Dylan Cole, and the rest of team Major Air, are meeting up with Leland and Cameron Wood for Props Mega Tour Tonight in RaleighNorth Carolina. The Crew is part of the huge tour, but thay are definitely in a league of thier own, You might have seen these guys in the new Props FBM Rock and Roll Commercial. APES! More news soon…

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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