Etnies Premiere!

John Povah is one sweet Dude! Etnies Video Premiere is going down in conjunction with the Bicycle Film festival. Should be a doozy. Stew Johnson did a good part of the filming, and Aaron Ross is rumored to have some serious bangers in that sucker. Our Good friend, old Dirt Dog, Devon hutchins has some pics of Aaron APING hard on his site, as well as the crew all chilling together, resulting in bad hair and bro downs. Tony Cardona, sick mustache and all is one BAD motherfreaker. Peep the new products section on the site, tons of new goodies. No snacks though, but these Dollar Store Cookies has, are off the charts! In addition, here is a , American Icon rider and FBM friend “DAN” is aping it hard as well…

Originally Posted by Wu Tang Cran

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