Ronnie Gaska Can of Beans

Latane woodpile dial....

We recently asked Sean Burns- Why are you so kooked? he replied – “Ronnie Gaska Can of beans” and made a wierd face!
I’ve been doing musical speedballs all week, listening to nothing but Sleep, and Electric Wizard, and then picking it up with Marginal man and the marked men, right now it’s dragonaut, and it gets me stoked.
Mike Cottle of OBMX fame sent over two booter pics of Gary Ginch, and a pic of Kb with Dr. Friendly, stoked. Mike is starting a new clothing company called – “Sports Fans Are Jerks!”, keep your eyes pealed and check the jumbotron at the next steelers game.
Speaking Of Kelly Baker, next time you see him, ask him about the time he came up short trying a trampoline gap….
Friends, Bikes, Music….

Sean Burns, random disruptive un sequence Stew Johnson does not like shitheads Ivan V. slappie Hi Five post mural web photo facial expression! Kenny horton, and those damn table tops... what The eff? Mark Mulville and Kelly Baker- two nice guys who like pizza! Gary Ginch By Cottle! the Juice is loose, Garrrrrettt Guilliams!

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