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Shea Nyquist was cool enough to shoot a couple pics while we were in G-ville, and hook us up for the website. Tony Killed it at teh Unit, he rode well. Look for him on the next Mega Tour as well, with the V-club. Flip over at Albes, whooped a penguins ass, and shot some pics of Dane Wild on his new capone, peep their site to see a bike check for Dane. Aaron Ross who also sent some pics, celebrated completion of his 20 mag interview, by bouncing on a trampoline, and driving around with Devdog, aka Rattyshitty Devon, friend of rattyshitty Adam, who is also friends with King Ratty-ness, Chase, and well, I have no Idea what they were doing, probably something Ratty. Aaron Ross will also be on the Mega Tour with V-club. On the Tour for shitluck, FBM gangsters, Fisher, Wild Billy Ashby, Derrick Girard, Mike Tag, and 15 other dudes. Chris Rye is in for it. At any rate, be on the lookout for some new shit from the Boys in the Machine shop in the next little bit, Via Kennedy’s Fried Chicken, and Team Major Air. Word. Curtis is in effect…..

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