Happy B-day Teeny Cardona

Today is Tony “teeny” Cardona’s 21st birthday, if he survives this time period in his life, expect to see more from Him and Fbm, as he has been killing it lately. Talks are underway for a signature Tony C. Road trip Spatula, other cooking utensils. We had a Soup Gang meeting in Ithaca Ny last night. Meghan Krassnoff, of Austin Texas, stepped up soup gangsterism with the first official soup Tattoo since its inception. Word. Soup Gang founder Leif Valin sent in this owl art as well, it was posted the other day but got dleted somehow. Leif has been in Colorado, doing barhop bunnyhops down stairs with Scott Fyfe, and also riding withhis brother Sten. Not much else to report, more news later if something awesome happens…

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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