4 piece Dinner Box

When we get a new product back from the paint shop, and its stickered up and all kick ass, I get stoked. It’s kind of like the Metallica song “Dyers Eve” off of “…and justice for all”. I get stoked on that song. When I was in 9th grade I use to ride to school, like 5 miles, and a bunch of it was this huge hill my parents lived on the other side of, I would haul ass down that sucker listening to Metallica on my Walkman, totally amped at 7 in the morning.It was a Scotch brand cassette tape that my buddy had recorded a copy for me with and I pretty much wore the tape out. Years later, come to my surprise, and since i never had the original album, i had no idea, the cassette copy I had was missing a song. Apparantly the album was one song longer than the tape, and I never heard the song “dyers Eve’. Just when I thought I had heard all the Metallica i was ever gonna be into, when they started shitting the bed, I heard that song, and was like “holy shit” it was a complete surprise, I just about thought i’d seen and heard it all, then BOOM, “dyers eve” comes cranking out of the jukebox. Thats kind of what its like when FBM comes out with a new bike part. Sort of. At any rate, these bars are cool, check em out…

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