Mega tour this week…

Guess who sent us some pics of Tony Hamlin riding at the warehouse in Rochester, and win dinner for 3 with Tony Zanni at the Pita Pit courtesy of Mac 5 Bike shop. Tony was practicing hard for the Mega Tour, which officially starts Tuesday at Primo. A bunch of us are flying out to California tomorrow for the rest of January, Fisher Left Yesterday, and is riding around with Big Lynn, and the Temecula crew. At the Bottom of the page is a picture from next weeks tour, taken last spring. Cameron Wood jumped to flat, and went back in time, back to the future actually, and shot the pics. He uses 1.21 jiggawatts to get it done. Thad Allender sent us an email about a cool new website called Detached which has some cool shit. Thad is one of Phils buddy’s, and helps with photos and webs stuff for Super Rat. In other news, Dave king will be headed to Puerto Rico to build dirt jumps this month, Shawn Arata has been spotted riding twice at Scrap recently, Tony Cardona is in Austin playing Poker with Devdog (he should know better), and filming for the Empire Video with Joel Moody. John Corts is the Smartest dude ever. Dane Wild is still wild. Literally. Shanton WIlson, I dont know, cars, bikes, stuff. More news later on in the week. Maybe even something good.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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