Protect Ya Neck Update!

Protect Ya Neck’s are now available in assorted colors. They Look Awesome. Dirt Dog would be proud if he were here today. New Colorways and new products, feel free to email us with suggestions or comments about new shit. Big Dave is back from Mega tour, so expect some new frame news soon as he is hustlin’ back there. The trails are starting to get some renovations, Check out Kelly Baker’s Blog to keep updated on the progress of the trails. Trails might not be the most Popular style of riding amongst the herd these days, but the trails are one of the most fun places to spend the day riding, and building, and hanging out. Its a pretty simple way to create your own scene, and create your own fun, and truly do your own thing. Its hard work though, so often times you end up on your own, but oh well…Not for the meek. It takes a special breed to build your own spot. The Etnies Video Premiere at the BFF is coming up, and so is entry deadline… Holla! Now Playing- Crimpshrine- “another day”

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