Cam Bike Check…

Skier J sent over a link to his site, including a Bike Check For Cameron Wood.
Extra shoutout for Cameron, for being such a badass… YOOO!!!! No Easter baskets in upstate NY for us though, But Captain Fun, dressed up as Stew Johnson, and I rode an unlit skatpark in the snow and 25 degree springlike temperatures till we bacame numb. Run Ronnie Run was with us, and witnessed some cold ass, x-ed up sweepers, fastplants and the sort. Party! Peep Devon Hutchins Dot Com for some pics from Tx, and the Empire video premiere. Aaron Ross, and Tony Cardona have sections in that video. Rumor has it, she’s a doozy. Now playing- Blatant Finger mix….

Originally Posted by Steve crandall

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