oh snap.

Cameron Wood checks in from Utah, witha a tabletop and shot of him aand his dog chillin. Cam rules. Leif sent over this pic of him pretending to be a pirate, and riding the prototype pretzel bike. he says it is great for surfers, and drinking coffee. Leif is currnetly in Colorado, riding with his brother Sten, and doing artwork. Aaron Ross is on theroad filming with Stew Johnson, for an upcoming Etnies video. Alos on the TRip are Taj Mihelich, and Kurtis Elwell. They rode Rampriders in St. Louis last night, and will be in Little Rock Arkansas soon enough. Jud Ferguson, the shining star of the Diamond state, and owner of Fergusons Skate park, had this to say- “That was my buddy Wade at the end of the Zero Video, not me…” Ryan Corrigan will not be present, but if he was, he would probably be doing the scary dance and making fun of someone. Now Playing, “all in together now..” -The GZA

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oh snap.

Who wants an FBM flask? these suckers are dialed. Free deluxe breakfast in Wyoming is Coffee, and a maid banging on the door. Ryan Corrigan is waiting for twin to get out of the shower right now. Some news huh? if we are online, i’ll post some pics from the trip. Holla!

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